Ravnica Allegiance

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Ravnica Allegiance
RNA Logo.jpg
Set Information
Set symbol
Design Mark Rosewater (lead)
Jules Robins
Jackie Lee
Ari Levitch
Sam Stoddard
Bryan Hawley
Development Sam Stoddard (lead)
Release date January 25, 2019
Plane Ravnica
Set size 264
Expansion code RNA[1]
Development codename Meatballs
Non-block expansions
Guilds of Ravnica Ravnica Allegiance Unnamed Ravnica set
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Game Night Ravnica Allegiance Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits

Ravnica Allegiance is the 80th Magic expansion. It will be released on January 25, 2019.[2] Officially, it is not part of a block. However, it is part of a series of three that is set on the same world, unofficially called the Guilds of Ravnica block.[3]

Set details[edit | edit source]

Ravnica Allegiance contains 264 cards, and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. This set features five of the bi-colored Ravnican guilds: Azorius ({W}{U}), Rakdos ({B}{R}), Gruul ({R}{G}), Simic ({G}{U}), and Orzhov ({W}{B}). Watermarks are used to better identify the guilds.[4]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

“  Defend Your Guild  ”

This is the penultimate moment of the Gatewatch's fight against Nicol Bolas. Darkness is coming to Ravnica. A conflict that could tear apart the world itself looms large, and the fragile peace between the guilds is strained to its breaking point. Now, with everything on the line, it's time to step up, prove your loyalty, and fight for your guild.

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Ravnica Allegiance is sold in 16-card boosters (one card being a marketing card), two planeswalker decks, the Ravnica Allegiance bundle and a Deck Builder's Toolkit.[5] The set is accompanied by five guild kits, preconstructed theme decks that combine cards from every Ravnica set released so far.

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Promotional cards[edit | edit source]

Tokens / Emblem[edit | edit source]

Themes and mechanics[edit | edit source]

Each guild features a unique mechanic.

Guild Colors Crest Keyword or ability word Description
Azorius Senate {W/U} {Azorius Logo}
Cult of Rakdos {B/R} {Rakdos Logo}
Gruul Clans {R/G} {Gruul Logo}
Simic Combine {G/U} {Simic Logo}
Orzhov Syndicate {W/B} {Orzhov Logo}

Card types[edit | edit source]

Cycles[edit | edit source]

Assuming certain cycles printed in Guilds of Ravnica continue, Ravnica Allegiance has (at least) eight cycles, two of which are reprints.

  • Guild leaders: Five mythic rare legendary multicolor creatures or planeswalkers, each of whom are aligned with a guild and is their leader. Guilds aligned with Nicol Bolas have planeswalkers as their leaders: guilds aligned against, creatures — ??? ({W/U}), ??? ({B/R}), ??? ({R/G}), ??? ({G/U}), and ??? ({W/B}).
  • Guild champions: Five rare legendary multicolor creatures, each of whom are aligned with a guild and act as that guild's second-in-command — ??? ({W/U}), ??? ({B/R}), ??? ({R/G}), ??? ({G/U}), and ??? ({W/B}).
  • Rare split cards: Five rare split cards, one side of which uses hybrid mana in guild colors and the other side is multicolor. The hybrid side's shows the guild's lieutenant, and the multicolor side's shows its leader — ??? ({W/U}), ??? ({B/R}), ??? ({R/G}), ??? ({G/U}), and ??? ({W/B}).
  • Uncommon split cards: Five uncommon split cards, following the same formula as above — ??? ({W/U}), ??? ({B/R}), ??? ({R/G}), ??? ({G/U}), and ??? ({W/B}).
  • Guildmages: Five uncommon multicolor creatures, each of whom are aligned with a guild and have two activated abilities, each ability costing at least one mana of that guild's colors and tapping to activate. They are named after the full title of their respective guilds — Senate Guildmage ({W/U}), Cult Guildmage ({B/R}), Clans Guildmage ({R/G}), Combine Guildmage ({G/U}), and Syndicate Guildmage ({W/B}).
  • Lockets: Five common mana stones for {3}. each of which tap for either color mana of its corresponding guild, and can be sacrificed by tapping and paying four hybrid mana to draw two cards — Azorius Locket ({W/U}), Rakdos Locket ({B/R}), Gruul Locket ({R/G}), Simic Locket ({G/U}), and Orzhov Locket ({W/B}).
  • Shock lands: Five rare dual lands in guild colors, originally printed in the Ravnica: City of Guilds block. Each has the respective basic land types, and enters the battlefield tapped unless its controller has the land deal 2 damage to them — Hallowed Fountain ({W/U}), Blood Crypt ({B/R}), Stomping Ground ({R/G}), Breeding Pool ({G/U}), and Godless Shrine ({W/B}).
  • Guildgates: Five common dual lands in guild colors, originally printed in the Return to Ravnica block. Each has the Gate subtype and enters the battlefield tapped. Each is printed twice in the set, with two different sets of art and flavor text. The first shows the guild's "main gate" and has flavor referring to its leader, whereas the second shows a "back door" and has flavor referencing to its lieutenant — Azorius Guildgate ({W/U}), Rakdos Guildgate ({B/R}), Gruul Guildgate ({R/G}), Simic Guildgate ({G/U}), and Orzhov Guildgate ({W/B}).

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Preconstructed decks[edit | edit source]

Ravnica Allegiance features two planeswalker decks:

deck name
Colors included Planeswalker
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}

Ravnica Allegiance features five Guild Kits:

Guild Kit name Colors included
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Azorius W U
Rakdos B R
Gruul R G
Simic U G
Orzhov W B

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