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Birthplace An unnamed plane inside the Shard.
Lifetime Born a short while after the formation of the Shard. Possibly died in 3980 AR.
Race Human Planeswalker
Ice Age, Homelands, The Shadow Mage, Wayfarer

Ravidel, called the "Battlemage", was recruited by the planeswalker Faralyn as a spellsquire to be trained in the ways of planeswalkers. He and his draconic friend Rhuell were killed during the Summit of the Null Moon, but he was resurrected with a fully-manifested spark by Kristina of the Woods and Taysir. He was driven mad as a result of his master's betrayal and Rhuell's death. Taysir took him on as spellsquire after his falling out with Kristina. Ravidel fostered and manipulated Taysir's bitterness, convincing him to imprison Leshrac in Phyrexia and eventually exile Sandruu in a fit of jealousy.

Ravidel hatched a long-term plan on the Dominarian continent Corondor to erect a Mox Beacon with Liana of Minorad's Moxen, thus drawing all planeswalkers that had ever harmed him to Dominaria so they would slaughter each other.[1] Ironically, in his quest he created his own nemesis by robbing Jared Carthalion of his title, his wealth, his parents, and his friends. Jared was taught by Kristina and became her lover, and the two went on to lead the fight against Ravidel. The end of the Planeswalkers' War, and thus Ravidel's ultimate fate, is unknown, but Kristina is known to have survived it.

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