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Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Unknown
Race Human planeswalker
Sources Homelands

Ravi, later known as Grandmother Sengir was a Tolgath planeswalker and spellcaster who fought in the Great War against the Ancients on Ulgrotha.

The master of Ravi had given her a mighty artifact, the Apocalypse Chime, telling her to use it in only the most sinister of times and promising her it would cleanse the world. At the peak of the Great War, Ravi rang the chime and destroyed both parties, resulting in the Great Destruction that formed the Dead Zone by disrupting the world's mana channels and killing almost all creatures on the plane. The damage propagated throughout various planes, in effect creating some sort of connection between Ulgrotha, Dominaria and Kamigawa. Seeing the result of her actions drove Ravi mad, and she hid long years in the Basalt Spire. She was trapped in the tower for generations, until the Baron Sengir released her.

Although she had grown mad after being trapped for centuries, the Baron willingly accepted Ravi into his brood. As Grandmother Sengir, she became a master of black mana as well as some green (and has taught her skills to the Baron). She is said to boil the flesh of young women and drink the juices in order to keep herself alive. She distributed books of black magic to the apprentices of the Floating Isle and the Death Speakers of Aysen in hopes of gaining a new apprentice. It is believed that she has given the Apocalypse Chime to a dwarven trader, warning the dwarf never to ring it, though this may only be a rumor.

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