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Rashida Scalebane

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Rashida Scalebane
Race Human
Birthplace Zhalfir, Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime Born ~4176 AR
Mirage, Visions

Rashida Scalebane was a peasant girl from the Mtenda Plains who became a great military leader during the Mirage War on Dominaria.[1][2]

Rashida led a placid life as the daughter of her village's wardens until the Mirage War broke out. The power-hungry mage Kaervek had captured Mangara, the de facto ruler of the region, and had manipulated the powerful Jolrael to order her beasts and dragons to wage war on the countries of Zhalfir, Femeref, and Suq'Ata.

Dragons attacked her village, killing everyone but Rashida, who had been sleeping on a nearby hillside. After burying the dead of the village, including her family, Rashida declared a blood oath against the dragons and dropped her surname as an honor to the dead. With her family's Banesword, a weapon that would become the dragonslaying Scalebane, she set off to wage her personal war on all dragons in Jamuraa.

Rashida managed to amass a large army in a short time. With the aid of commoners and a few noble houses, she led her troops against Kaervek's army of undead. Slaying almost a dozen dragons, Rashida soon became a legend for the common people, and her name was confused with that of her sword. Thus she was called Rashida Scalebane by her followers.

With the power of the Scalebane, Rashida was able to dispatch dragons many times her size and strength. Her army carried the heads of every dragon she had killed, and recycled their bodies for use as medicine, armor, and magical paraphernalia. In the final battles of the war, she personally led her army against Kaervek and then joined an expedition to recover Mangara. With the power of the Dragon Mask, she succeeded, passing on into legend.

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