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Rakel, also known as Norreen was the fighter wife of Garth One-Eye. She was born in Benalia on Dominaria

Rakel left her Benalish city to fight in the Arena of Kush to become a hero. Benalia had a caste system that rotated each year, the top ruling caste moved to the lowest and then upward. Her caste, the 7th, was on the bottom and as such, any upper level man could demand anything from her. As a hero was above the caste system, she wanted to achieve that status very much. Here she met Garth, who said he would give up planeswalking to live with her.[1] The two retired in the countryside of Gish, with their child Hammen, to grow a vineyard. However, Garth found leaving behind his powers much harder than he had thought, and started journeying between the planes again. It was during one of his absences that Norreen and Hammen were kidnapped and brought to Benalia.[2]

Rakel was charged with assassinating Gull and Greensleeves but instead became a commander of their army, disciplining the force. She was captured and tortured, only to but was saved by Lily and Gull.

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