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Rainbow Stairwell

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Rainbow Stairwell is a constructed variant, similar to Highlander.

Deck construction[edit | edit source]

  • A Rainbow Stairwell deck must be exactly 60 cards, six cards from each of the five colors as well as six artifacts or colorless cards.
  • Only one copy of each card in the deck, with the exception of basic lands.
  • You must have one each, for each color, of cards with converted mana cost one through six. That is, you must have a staircase of cards starting at one mana and moving up to six, for each color.
  • Multicolored cards are not allowed.

Example[edit | edit source]

An example for the white part of the deck would be:

{W} : Righteousness
{1}{W} : Accorder Paladin
{2}{W} : Griffin Sentinel
{3}{W} : Foriysian Interceptor
{4}{W} : Burrenton Shield-Bearers
{5}{W} : Nacatl Hunt-Pride

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