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First seen: Future Sight
Last seen: Planechase Anthology
Status: Unknown

Pyrulea is an odd plane that Dyfed escorted Yawgmoth to in order to prove her abilities as a planeswalker to him. It is composed of a densely forested sphere around a central star; the plane's inhabitants live on the interior surface of the sphere. What's more, the size of the plantlife is particularly enlarged.

From J. Robert King's novel The Thran: "In every direction, a vast rain forest spread. Millennial trees trailed nets of vine and moss hundreds of feet downward to wet undergrowth. [...] North, south, east, and west, the landscape curved up and away into walls. They, in turn, joined to form a ceiling of sky. This was not merely a bowl of land but the inside of an enormous sphere." According to this, the plane could be an example of a naturally occurring Dyson sphere.

Pyrulea is depicted on the futureshifted card Horizon Canopy and the plane card Horizon Boughs. On both, several people are walking on gigantic leaves. It is said that these are resilient underfoot. Heavy steps do not bruise them, but release a sweet and spicy scent. Clouds and birds fill the sky.