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Psychatog is a blue-black Atog creature card from Odyssey.[1][2] Psychatog is also pictured in the Onslaught version of Shock.[3]

Psychatog was part of a cycle of allied color Atogs. Each Atog in the cycle had two pump abilities, one for each color. Psychatog proved to be the best of the cycle by far due to the synergy of its two abilities and the ability of blue to feed both of them.

Psychatog overshadowed Jon Finkel's Invitational Card, Shadowmage Infiltrator, because "They printed it in the same set, at the same cost, as another creature that was basically better in every way." [4]

Psychatog has seen play in every major constructed format.

Noteable 'tog decks[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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