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Prototype creature/Giants

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A Hill Giant is a prototype creature (3/3 for 3M or 2MM; mostly red and green).[1][2]

History[edit | edit source]

From the earliest years of magic there were value Hill Giants (some of them with flying, putting them in a different category closer to Air Elemental). In fact, despite the numerous reprints of the flagship card, there were always a lot more value giants than vanilla ones. In the modern era, French vanilla Hill Giants have become very rare, having usually another ability added.

Vanilla giants[edit | edit source]

Giants with evergreen abilities[edit | edit source]


Giants with better stats[edit | edit source]

This section only includes creatures with a mana cost of 3C.

3/4 giants[edit | edit source]

4/3 giants[edit | edit source]

Other nonvanilla giants[edit | edit source]

{G} Green {R}} Red {B} Black {W} White {U} Blue {C} Colorless Hybrid

Giants with downsides[edit | edit source]

(This includes bigger giants)

References[edit | edit source]

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