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Race Dragon
Birthplace Kher Ridges, Dominaria
Lifetime Into the Mending Era
Commander 2013

The legendary dragon Prossh dominates the Kher region of Dominaria.[1]

Each day at dawn, he takes to the skies, tracking his prey and monitoring the lands he claims as his own. The sound of the dragon's wings in the distance sends many of his subjects into a panic, scrambling for shelter that can withstand his dragon fire. He is known to level entire villages just to punish a single hunter who strayed into his territory. Those who don't pay tribute to him are burned alive.

Prossh is worshipped as a God by the kobolds of Kher Keep, and some offer themselves to His Mighty Overlordship in hopes that he spares their kin. However, Prossh is a predatory machine, and the death of his "allies" just makes him stronger.[2]

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