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For other uses, see Prophecy (disambiguation).
PCY logo.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Three crystals
Design William Jockusch (lead)
With contributions from
Bill Rose
Mark Rosewater
Development "Charlie Hasbrino" (lead),
Mike Elliott,
William Jockusch,
Paul Peterson,
Henry Stern,
Teeuwynn Woodruff
With contributions from
Beth Moursund
Art direction Dana Knutson & Ron Spears
Release date June 5, 2000
Plane Dominaria
Themes and
Alternate casting costs,
Land sacrifice,
Mercenaries and Rebels,
Rhystic magic,
Tapped or untapped lands
Set size 143 cards
(55 commons, 44 uncommons, 44 rares)
Expansion code PCY[1]
Development codename Dionysius
Masques block
Mercadian Masques Nemesis Prophecy
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Starter 2000 Prophecy Beatdown

Prophecy is the third set in the Masques block. It is the 20th Magic expansion and was released on June 5, 2000.

Set details[edit | edit source]

Prophecy featured 143 cards (55 commons, 44 uncommons and 44 rares); its expansion symbol is a cluster of three crystals (referencing the fragile rhystic magic of the set).[2] Although Prophecy was the third expansion, and second small expansion, in the Masques block; its themes and mechanics were not a natural progression from those established in Mercadian Masques and Nemesis, leading to Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater to state that, in his opinion, Prophecy felt disjointed from the rest of its block and that it is the second-worst designed set in Magic history, comparable to Homelands.[3]

Prophecy is noted for introducing two of the first creature subtype hosers in Magic; Brutal Suppression and Root Cage, which deal with Rebels and Mercenaries, respectively.

Marketing[edit | edit source]

The cards were sold in 15-card boosters which had artwork from Avatar of Hope, in four preconstructed theme decks and a fat pack. The prerelease card was also Avatar of Hope, in a foil version. The set was accompanied by the novel of the same name. Like Visions, the set had the same name as an older card, which also did not appear in this set.

Flavor and storyline[edit | edit source]

Prophecy is set on the plane of Dominaria. Keld has declared war on Jamuraa. The city-states of Jamuraa form the Kipamu League and then repulse the invaders.

Tournament impact[edit | edit source]

Although contributing a few potent cards such as Avatar of Woe, Chimeric Idol, Foil, Mageta the Lion, and Spiketail Hatchling, Prophecy had an insubstantial impact on competitive Magic play and even had a paucity of playable cards in Limited.[4] Mark Rosewater considers it the second worst designed set after Homelands, because it was too Spikey.[5]

Themes and mechanics[edit | edit source]

Like Mercadian Masques, Prophecy had no new keywords. It did, however, introduce several new themes:[3]

  • Anti-rebel — cards like Brutal Suppression and Rebel Informer. (see notable cards)
  • Rhystic magic — Discounted spells and abilities that work properly unless a specified player pays a set amount of mana.
  • A land theme, with several permanents having abilities involving sacrificing lands and several cards that gained bonuses when all of their controller's lands were tapped.

Creature types[edit | edit source]

No novel creature types were introduced in this expansion. The creature types Ghost and Ship were used in this expansion at the time of printing but were later changed to Spirit and Human, respectively.

Cycles[edit | edit source]

Prophecy features eleven cycles and six vertical cycles.[6]

Cycle name Description and notes {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Avatars Each of these rare Avatar creatures cost {6}MM and, at least, have a static ability that reduces its cost by {6} if certain conditions are met and a static combat or evasion ability. Avatar of Hope Avatar of Will Avatar of Woe Avatar of Fury Avatar of Might
Legendary Spellshapers Each of these rare legendary Spellshaper creatures cost {3}MM and have an activated ability costing two cards and an amount of mana for a potent effect. Mageta the Lion Alexi, Zephyr Mage Greel, Mind Raker Latulla, Keldon Overseer Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
Ability-losing Creatures Each of these common creatures has a positive ability and an activated ability that can be activated by any player that makes it lose that positive ability. Glittering Lynx Ribbon Snake Plague Fiend Zerapa Minotaur Vintara Elephant
No-Untapped-Lands Creatures As long as you control no untapped lands, each of these creatures gets a color appropriate boost. Fen Stalker Keldon Berserker Vintara Snapper
Sacrifice-2-Lands Creatures Each of these creatures has an activated ability that requires the sacrifice of two lands. Green stands out by having a creature with two abilities requiring the sacrifice of a single land each. Copper-Leaf Angel and its ability requiring the sacrifice of multiple lands is thematically tied to this cycle. Jeweled Spirit Coffin Puppets Keldon Arsonist Squirrel Wrangler
Field Auras Each of these uncommon Auras enchants a land, conferring it with an activated ability involving {T}. Flowering Field Sunken Field Noxious Field Barbed Field Verdant Field
Flash Auras Each of these common Auras costs {1}M, has Flash, enchants a creature, and is named after the legendary Spellshaper of its color. Mageta's Boon Alexi's Cloak Greel's Caress Latulla's Orders Jolrael's Favor
Rhystic Do-More-Unless Spells Each of these spells create a small effect, and then a bigger effect unless a player pays a set amount of mana. Tied to the Rhystic mechanic, except instead of being 'full effect' or 'no effect', the spells scale. Rhystic Shield Withdraw Flay Rhystic Lightning Wild Might
Any-Player Enchantments Each of these global enchantments has an activated ability that can be played by any player. Samite Sanctuary Excavation Endbringer's Revel Task Mage Assembly
Pitch spells Each of these uncommon instant or sorcery spells has an alternate cost that includes discarding a basic land card of the type associated with its color. Abolish Foil Outbreak Flameshot Snag
Winds Each of these rare instant or sorcery spells has a converted mana cost of 9 and a potent effect. Blessed Wind Denying Wind Plague Wind Searing Wind Vitalizing Wind

Vertical cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Description and notes
Glittering Cats Each of these white Cat creatures has a static ability that prevents all damage that would be dealt to the creature and an activated ability that can be activated by any player that removes, until end of turn, the above static ability. Glittering Lynx Glittering Lion
Spiketail Drakes Each of these blue Drake creatures with flying have an activated ability costing the sacrifice of the creature to counter a targeted spell unless its controller pays an additional amount of mana.

This vertical cycle is unusual in that there is no rare member, and the intermediate Spiketail Drakeling was revealed upon the release of Time Spiral.
Spiketail Hatchling Spiketail Drake
Black Upkeep Creatures Each of these black creatures as a upkeep cost that needs to be payed each turn if the creature isn't to be sacrificed. Whipstitched Zombie Pit Raptor Bog Elemental
Double-Size Creatures Each of these red creatures get a +X/+X bonus that double its size as long as you control no untapped lands. Spur Grappler Scoria Cat
Brawlers Each of these red Soldier creatures has two static abilities, one of which prevents the creature from attacking if the defending player has an untapped land and another which prevents the creature from blocking if you control an untapped land. Branded Brawlers Veteran Brawlers
Wells Each of these artifacts as triggered ability that say "at the end of your turn, if you control no untapped lands, EFFECT". Well of Life Well of Discovery

Pairs[edit | edit source]

Matched pairs[edit | edit source]

Prophecy has no matched pairs.

Mirrored pairs[edit | edit source]

Prophecy has two mirrored pairs.

  • Mercenary Informer and Rebel Informer are both rare Human Mercenary Rebels/Human Rebel Mercenaries with a mana cost of {2}M, a power/toughness combination summing to 3, a static ability preventing its being targeted by spells or abilities from sources of the other's color, and an activated ability costing {2}{W} or {3}, respectively, to put a targeted nontoken Merecenary or Rebel on the bottom of its owner's library.
  • Soul Charmer and Death Charmer are both common 2/2 Rebel and Mercenary creatures, respectively, each with a ability that triggers upon its dealing combat damage to a creature and has an effect unless that creature's controller pays {2}.

Preconstructed decks[edit | edit source]

Prophecy has four theme decks, of which three are bicolored and one is monocolored.

deck name
Colors included
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Distress W B
Pummel G
Slither R G
Turnaround W U

References[edit | edit source]

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