Pro Tour Dragon's Maze

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Pro Tour Dragon's Maze
Date 17–19 May 2013
Location United States.png San Diego, California, United States
Attendance 388
Format Block Constructed and Booster draft
Prize pool $250,000
Winner United States.png Craig Wescoe
Previous Pro Tour:
Pro Tour Gatecrash
Next Pro Tour:
Pro Tour Theros

Pro Tour Dragon's Maze was the last Pro Tour of the 2012–13 season. The event had 388 competitors, and took place on 17–19 May 2013 in San Diego, California, United States. The formats were Block Constructed and Return to Ravnica block Booster draft, and was the first constructed premier event where Dragon's Maze was legal. The final day featured two players in their fourth Pro Tour top eight: Josh Utter-Leyton and Makihito Mihara, but it would be White Aggro specialist Craig Wescoe who earned his first Pro Tour trophy in his third Sunday appearance; he defeated Arizona native Dusty Ochoa in the final.

Day one[edit | edit source]

As with the previous Pro Tour, the event started with a Booster draft (Return to Ravnica block). The featured player was Luis Scott-Vargas, who drafted Red-Green-Blue to a 1–2 record. Players who got off to a better start included Bob Maher, Jr., Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Darwin Kastle, reigning World Champion Yuuya Watanabe, and Tomoharu Saito, playing in his first Pro Tour since his suspension in 2010; these players all started 3–0. Return to Ravnica Block Constructed featured a variety of decks, but the most popular by far was Esper Control, with over 27% of players opting for the Sphinx's Revelation deck.[1] Other decks included Bant Control, Selesnya Aggro, Junk Midrange, and a host of other midrange decks. One deck that garnered considerable attention was the Maze's End deck, predominantly piloted by Swedish players.[2] At the end of the day, one perfect record remained; this belonged to level 2 judge Rob Castellon, who was playing a four-color midrange deck with Sire of Insanity and Deadbridge Chant.

The top eight players after day one:

Rank Player Points Rank Player Points
1 United States.png Rob Castellon 24 5 United States.png Dustin Faeder 21
2 United States.png Mark Eilers 22 6 Japan.png Makihito Mihara 21
3 Russia.png Egor Khodasevich 21 7 Israel.png Uri Peleg 21
4 Greece.png Simon Bertiou 21 8 United States.png Orrin Swift 21

Day two[edit | edit source]

Rob Castellon continued his undefeated run in the second draft, standing atop the field with an 11–0 record after winning pod 1. The featured player for the second draft was Hall of Famer Bob Maher, Jr., who was sitting on 6–1–1. His four-color deck did not yield much success; he ended up going 0–3 in the draft, and ultimately missed out on a money finish in the event. Famous players who did find success included Craig Wescoe, Gabriel Nassif, Patrick Chapin, and Player of the Year hopeful Josh Utter-Leyton. Nassif came close to his tenth Pro Tour top eight, but faced against Makihito Mihara in round 14, he made a mistake by not keeping mana up for Plasm Capture, and failed to advance; instead, it would be Mihara who would make it to his fourth Sunday appearance after defeating Brian Kibler in the next round. Josh Utter-Leyton would clinch the Player of the Year title by making the top eight of the tournament, and faced by a win-and-in situation against David Sharfman in round 15, he did not fail. Another player making a return to the Sunday stage was Matej Zatlkaj, who finished second at PT Berlin 2008, but had not played on the Pro Tour for a couple of years; he got the win in the penultimate round against Rob Castellon to make it in. Finally, three players couldn't make it to the final eight, but had significant matches in the last round nonetheless: Luis Scott-Vargas, Ari Lax, and Reid Duke. Scott-Vargas and Lax faced each other in a match for top 16 where the winner would hit Platinum in the Pro Players Club; meanwhile, Duke played Denniz Rachid in a match where he would qualify for the 2013 World Championship with a win, and fail to make Platinum with a loss. In the end, Scott-Vargas and Duke won their matches, finishing 11th and 9th, respectively.

Top 8[edit | edit source]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1  Craig Wescoe 3  
8  Andrejs Prost 2  
  1  Craig Wescoe 3  
  4  Josh Utter-Leyton 1  
4  Josh Utter-Leyton 3
5  Andrew Shrout 1  
    1  Craig Wescoe 3
  7  Dusty Ochoa 0
3  Makihito Mihara 3  
6  Matej Zatlkaj 2  
  3  Makihito Mihara 2
  7  Dusty Ochoa 3  
2  Rob Castellon 2
7  Dusty Ochoa 3  
Place Player Deck Prize Pro Points Comment
1 United States.png Craig Wescoe Green-White Aggro $40,000 30 Third Pro Tour Top 8
2 United States.png Dusty Ochoa Esper Control $20,000 24
3 Japan.png Makihito Mihara Esper Control $12,500 22 Fourth Pro Tour Top 8
4 United States.png Josh Utter-Leyton Boros Aggro $12,500 22 Fourth Pro Tour Top 8
5 United States.png Rob Castellon 4-Color Midrange $10,000 20 Pro Tour debut
6 United States.png Andrew Shrout WUR Control $10,000 20 Pro Tour debut
7 United States.png Matej Zatlkaj Esper Control $10,000 20 Second Pro Tour Top 8
8 Latvia.png Andrejs Prost White-Blue Control $10,000 20 Second Pro Tour Top 8

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References[edit | edit source]

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