Pro Tour 25th Anniversary

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Pro Tour 25th Anniversary
Date 3–5 August 2018
Location United States.png Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Format Team Trios Constructed: Standard, Modern, and Legacy
Prize pool to be announced
Previous Pro Tour:
Pro Tour Dominaria
Next Pro Tour:
Pro Tour Atlanta

Pro Tour 25th Anniversary is the fourth and final Pro Tour of the 2017–18 season. It will take place on 3–5 August 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. As its name suggests, it is a special event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Magic, and for the first time since Pro Tour Charleston 2006, features Team Trios Constructed. Also for the first time since Pro Tour Berlin 2008, the event doesn't feature a Booster draft portion at all; instead, all rounds are Team Constructed, with one team member playing Standard, another playing Modern, and the third playing Legacy.

The exact price purse of the event has not yet been announced, but it has been stated that Pro Tour 25th Anniversary will coincide with a special exhibition event, and that in total, the price purse of these two events will be $1,000,000.[1]

Qualification[edit | edit source]

Due to the unusual format of the event, the methods of qualification are also quite different. Players who fulfill one or more of the criteria are placed in a pool of eligible players; players from this pool can form teams with each other to play in the Pro Tour.[1]

Methods for qualification:

Notably, this excludes the possibility of qualifying via Magic Online.

References[edit | edit source]

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