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Portal/2-Player Starter Set

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2-Player Starter Set

The Portal 2-Player Starter Set was a starter-level set released in 1997. It was part of Wizards of the Coast's first major attempt at a set catering to prospective and newer players. It was designed to provide them a format with simpler rules than a core set or an expansion set. It was released in several languages. A Gift Box edition featured additonal content.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Two 35 Card preconstructed decks
  • 2 Playmats
  • A Play Guide to walk you through the sample game using the decks
  • A Rule Book
  • A checklist of all the cards in the Portal set
  • 2 Portal booster packs (Gift Box only)
  • 2 score-keeping beads (Gift Box only)

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Portal Starter Set

Variant printings[edit | edit source]

Seven of the cards from these boxed sets were printed with either flavor or reminder text different than their booster pack counterparts. Those cards are: Anaconda, Blaze, Elite Cat Warrior, Hand of Death, Monstrous Growth, Raging Goblin, and Warrior's Charge.