List of planeswalker colorshifts

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By planeswalker's colorshift we refer to the color transition that a planeswalker undergo in their life.

List of all colorshifts[edit | edit source]

Planeswalker Color Colorshift Cause
Ajani {W}{R} Initial state (after igniting in rage).
{W} Usual state.
{W}{G} Becoming a mentor, helping others.
Garruk {G} Initial state.
{B}{G} Cursed by the Chain Veil.
Huatli {W}{R} Initial state.
{W}{G} Rejecting the nationalistic xenophobia of the Sun Empire
Nahiri {W} Initial state.
{W}{R} Entering in rage.
Nissa {G} Initial state.
{U}{G} Transcending the Trial of Knowledge.
Sarkhan {R}{G} Initial state.
{B}{R} Affected by Bolas.
{R} Recuperating his senses.
{U}{R}{G} Altering the timeline.
Sorin {B} Initial state.
{W}{B} When he is concerned.
Tamiyo {U} Initial state.
{W}{U}{G} When she takes action.