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Magic Phone Cards 1996.png
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Wizards of the Coast and MCI released a few phone cards bearing Magic artwork.

MCI 1996[edit | edit source]

This series was produced in 1996 by MCI, after it was announced that MCI would become a sponsor of the Pro Tour. It is currently unconfirmed that the cards were produced, except by sightings at the following events. Other sources say the cards were not released until November. Attempts to order after February 1997 failed.

Origins 1996 / Pro Tour - Columbus (July 6–7, 1996)
Pro Tour - Atlanta (September 13–15, 1996)

DCI Legends[edit | edit source]

A prepaid card was given to DCI Legend members (joining before September 1, 1997) to promote the 1997 World Championships.[1]

MCI 2002[edit | edit source]

In 2002, another series was produced featuring Krosan Beast, Sengir Vampire, and Shivan Dragon. Available mostly at premier stores, they came 30-, 60-, and 100-minute amounts.[2]

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