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God of Deception
General Information
Plane Theros

Phenax is the God of Deception on Theros. He is associated with blue and black mana.


Phenax is the god of cheats and liars. He governs gambling, deception, betrayal, isolation, planning, and secrets. He is worshipped by criminals and others who wish to subvert the rules. Phenax is also associated with the Returned, Theros' undead, who follow his path back from the Underworld.

As a mortal, Phenax was the first to escape the underworld.[1][2] Cheating death this way likely set him on a path to join Theros' pantheon.


In the Theros block saga, the nightmare planeswalker Ashiok strikes a deal with Phenax. In exchange for laying waste to the polis of Iretis to make a new polis for the Returned, Phenax made the planeswalker invisible to the other gods allowing Ashiok to operate under their gaze without detection. Phenax was amused by Ashiok's plans.[3]

It is strongly implied that Phenax was the deity represented in "The Consequences of Attraction", cursing Xandria to become a siren for falling in love with Ninis, whom he had set eyes upon himself.[4]

Story appearances[edit]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Building Toward a Dream, Part 2 Ken Troop 2013-12-04 Theros Theros Ashiok, Phenax
Dreams of the City Ken Troop 2014-04-23 Journey into Nyx Theros Ephara, Ashiok, Phenax

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The character of Phenax is inspired by Hermes, Greek god of thieves, travelers, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld; and Dolos, son of Erebus, spirit of trickery and guile. The name is likely from the Ancient Greek word φέναξ (phénax), meaning cheat, quack or impostor.


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