Peter Szigeti

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Peter Szigeti
Nickname PTR
Nationality {USA} American
Professional Career
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour New York 2000
Pro Tour top 8s 0
Grand Prix top 8s 3 (1 win)
Median Pro Tour Finish 204
Pro Tours Played 19
Lifetime Pro Points 77 (as of 2018-08-14)

Peter Szigeti was an American professional Magic player. Sporting a resume containing several solid finishes, particularly in team events, Szigeti was more known contemporarily for his antics than his tournament accomplishments.[1] He had a reputation as the "Pro Tour bad boy",[2] and is famous for numerous controversial incidents at the professional level. Szigeti ultimately received a lifetime DCI ban in 2010.[3] He died in 2011.[4]

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Szigeti gained a reputation for being a prankster, but sometimes his antics were mean spirited or over the line.[5] The arguably most famous incident was at Pro Tour Yokohama 2003, where in the final round of Swiss, Szigeti needed to draw Searing Flesh to win. He did so, and celebrated his victory by wiping his ass with the card before showing it to his opponent.[4] Szigeti won the match, and final standings were posted, but when the head judges became aware of what had happened, he was retroactively issued a loss, which moved him down to 57th-place in the standings.[6]

He received a suspension following Pro Tour San Diego 2004,[7] and did not return to playing in several years; at Grand Prix Oakland 2010, following his return from suspension, he was removed from the tournament for aggressive behavior.[3] He was subsequently banned from the DCI for 39 years, effectively a lifetime ban.

In an article from 2005 by Jeff Cunningham, after his initial suspension from the game, Szigeti states that it was an act in order to try to turn Magic into a spectator sport. He also said that he was a self-promoter who had made himself very popular by doing nothing but acting flashy.[7] Cunningham, in his article, expressed the opinion that Szigeti could have been the best thing that happened to the Pro Tour, with the story being more exciting with a villain.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2000–01 Grand Prix Turin Team Limited 26–27 May 2001 1
2001–02 Grand Prix Montreal Limited 13–14 October 2001 7
2003–04 Grand Prix Anaheim Extended 13–14 December 2003 4


Pro Tour results[edit | edit source]

List of the Pro Tour results and winnings of Peter Szigeti
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2000–01 New York Team Limited 98
2000–01 Chicago Standard 327
2000–01 Tokyo Block Constructed 238
2000–01 Barcelona Booster Draft 280
2001–02 New York Team Limited 16 $800
2001–02 San Diego Rochester Draft 212
2001–02 Osaka Block Constructed 103
2001–02 Nice Booster Draft 23 $2,000
2001–02 Worlds (Sydney) Special 109
2002–03 Boston Team Limited 58
2002–03 Houston Extended 344
2002–03 Chicago Rochester Draft 346
2002–03 Venice Block Constructed 204
2002–03 Yokohama Booster Draft 57 $570
2003–04 Boston Team Limited 9 $2,000
2003–04 New Orleans Extended 37 $1,000
2003–04 Amsterdam Rochester Draft 340
2003–04 Kobe Block Constructed 146
2003–04 San Diego Booster Draft 285


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