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Pendelhaven. Art by Bryon Wackwitz.

Pendelhaven is a great tree in the Llanowar forest on Dominaria.

Believed to be old as Dominaria itself, Pendelhaven's leaves are always in autumn colors. Those who live beneath its branches never show any sign of aging.[1] In mytho-history, it was protected by Jacques le Vert, its' legendary human defender.

While the trees and greenery of historic Pendelhaven were withered by the harsh post-apocalyptic conditions caused by the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria, Uros, the Elder of Pendelhaven, still continued the mission of Jacques: to protect the creatures of Pendelhaven.[2] Now, Molimo has taken up residence in the great tree, restoring its vigor and focusing all his power on rejuvenating the woods of Llanowar.[3]

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