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Pathway lands are dual lands. They are modal double-faced cards which allow you to choose which of the two sides you want to play.[1][2]


Six Pathway lands were included in Zendikar Rising (three ally-colored and three enemy-colored cards) and not the usual cycle of five. The other four are flagged for Kaldheim.[3][4][5]


{dfc-front} Front side {dfc-back} Back side
Clearwater Pathway ({U}) Murkwater Pathway ({B})
Cragcrown Pathway ({R}) Timbercrown Pathway ({G})
Branchloft Pathway ({G}) Boulderloft Pathway ({W})
Brightclimb Pathway ({W}) Grimclimb Pathway ({B})
Riverglide Pathway ({U}) Lavaglide Pathway ({R})
Needleverge Pathway ({R}) Pillarverge Pathway ({W})


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