Oviya Pashiri

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Oviya Pashiri
Birthplace Kaladesh
Lifetime Mending Era
Race Human

Oviya Pashiri is a renegade lifecrafter from Kaladesh.

Description[edit | edit source]

Oviya believes beauty should be at the heart of every invention. An acclaimed lifecrafter, she spent many years mentoring young artificers. But when she lost her wife, she took to working on her own designs in secret. She hired smugglers, including the Nalaars, to supply her with aether for her ingenious creations.

History[edit | edit source]

Oviya Pashiri was the contact person that Chandra was to deliver aether to before she manifested pyromantic abilities. When Oviya learned about it, she agreed to hide Chandra's abilities from the Consulate officers. Later, she witnessed Chandra's ignition during her supposed execution by Baral.[1]

In the following years, Oviya worked closely with Renegade Prime, Chandra's surviving mother Pia, both believing that Chandra was dead. At some point, Oviya made the acquaintance of Ajani Goldmane, who had come to Kaladesh to track Tezzeret down. When Chandra returned to Kaladesh and Pia was arrested, Oviya took her and her friend Nissa Revane under her protection, promising them to rescue Pia.[2] They visited the party of the Aetherborn Yahenni. While Yahenni was at first unable to aid them, a Consulate officer hunting for a criminal Aetherborn at her party allowed her to learn that the prison where Pia Nalaar was held in was the Dhund. Pashiri told Chandra that Baral was still stationed there.[3] The trio searched in the tunnels beneath the night market after the rumored position of the Dhund. With Nissa's aid, they managed to locate the aether pipelines that connected the prison to the rest of the cities infrastructure and found the hidden prison. When they entered it, however, Baral already awaited them, having been warned by Dovin Baan. Baral lured the group into an airtight, enchanted Deadlock Trap, intending to turn Chandra's pyromancy against them by using up the air faster while filling the trap with poisonous gas. Oviya resigned herself to her fate, telling the two girls that she had lived a fulfilled life and was ready to die.[4] They were freed by Ajani, who had come in search of Oviya Pashiri.[5] Afterwards, the planeswalkers brought Oviya to safety.[6]

During the revolt against the Consulate, Oviya participated and again protected Chandra from Baral. In retaliation, the Chief of Compliance ordered to fire on her, wounding the lifecrafter critically in an attempt to drive Chandra into despair. Oviya herself was saved by Ajani, who used his healing magic to preserve her life.[7]

Oviya later aided the Renegades in their attack on the Consulate's Spire.[8]

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