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Orvada, also known as the Orvadan Empire, is a merchant empire rivalling Benalia on Dominaria.[1][2] It forms part of the the Domains. Orvada is also the name of its main city.[3]

The empire consists of a stretch of islands running north to south in the Voda Sea, halfway between Aerona and the Burning Isles.[4] The two main islands are Denawa in the north and Walassa in the south.[5] The city of Orvada, on Walassa, houses a campus of the Tolarian Academy[6] Off the western coast of Walassa lies Vesuva.[7] North lies Kieve.[8]

Joryev of Orvada was the most mysterious lieutenant of Torsten Von Ursus, and the founder of House Joryev of Benalia on the continent of Aerona.[3]

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