Oriel Kjeldos

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Oriel Kjeldos
Oriel Kjeldos.png
Birthplace Dominaria, Terisiare, Storgard
Lifetime Unknown. died shortly after 2434.
Race Human
Ice Age (comic)

Oriel Kjeldos was a shaman, the leader of Clan Emerald of Storgard, in the Ice Age of Dominaria.[1]

She eventually led others – including Hurn, Mariska, and some of Clan Pearl – away from the doomed citadel after Freyalise ascended during a duel with Clan Emerald's champion, Jason Carthalion. Though she died on the journey, her descendants settled what would become the kingdom of Kjeldor, becoming its royal family.

Legend has it that she tamed the first Aesthir.[2]


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