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Order of Leitbur

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The Order of Leitbur was a religious sect in Sarpadia on Dominaria. It was founded by Bethan Leitbur.

Description[edit | edit source]

“  May you be strong and valiant, to defeat the enemies of the pure. —Leitbur's Prayer[1]  ”

The members of the Order are Cleric Knights who worship the Hand of Justice and Bethan Leitbur himself. Bethan recorded his teachings in The Way and the Order follows it as a codec for their way of life.[2] The Order of Leitbur fundamentally opposes the Order of the Ebon Hand and the two often clash in combat.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about the Order of Leitbur's origin as their transcripts are closely guarded to protect against Tourach's influence.[3] There are rumors that the Ebon Hand and Leitbur have a common origin though due to vast similarities in their teachings.[4] While the Order of Leitbur remained separate from the Icatian army, it was still dedicated to Icatia's defense.

Fall of Icatia[edit | edit source]

Internal strife in Icatia led to a weakening of the Order as many members were swayed into the Farrelite Cult. The Farrelites held very similar beliefs and goals with Leitbur, but differed in actions often taking to fanaticism and zealotry to eradicate the Order of the Ebon Hand. Ultimately, the fall of a splintered Icatia is caused by Tevesh Szat inciting the Orc-Goblin army into attacking Montford.[5] The Order having trained heavily to combat primarily the tactics of the Ebon Hand were unprepared for the suicidal and lightning fast strikes of the Goblins. The Icatian army and the Order would put up a strong defense, but all of Icatia would fall.[2]

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