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Race Demon
Birthplace Unknown
Lifetime Birth Unknown, Died ~4150 AR
'Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist'

Lady Orca was a mysterious and very powerful minion of Ramses Overdark on Dominaria.

While residing in her lair, a large cave with no exits, Orca took the form of a lake of smoldering tar. When she was called out by her master she took the form of a gigantic bald woman, but could survive grievous injuries like being cut in half or being beheaded by reverting to her tar form and reforming. She was born human and was a minor battlemage before Overdark twisted her into this new form, which has been called both a giantess and a siege-demon.

When Lady Caleria rallied the Edemi Islands against the Empire of Madara, Overdark sent Lady Orca to terrorize the rebellious coasts. She did this under Tetsuo Umezawa's banner, for her master hoped the rebels would hold Tetsuo, his nemesis, responsible and would kill him. Orca was also kept as a backup plan in case Tetsuo survived the rebels. He did, but also managed to beat Orca.

Several weeks later, the kentsu had launched its attack against the Edemis and was running into trouble with an Akron Legionnaire. Lord Overdark offered his services and set Lady Orca against the giant knight. Orca was victorious, but immediately turned on the kentsu. Overdark had ordered this as a diversion so his other minion, Jorgan Hage, could murder General Marhault Elsdragon and claim the title of general of the kentsu. Unfortunately for Orca, Tetsuo was among the kentsu forces, and he chased her back to her lair. He destroyed it, finally managing to kill Orca.

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