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Birthplace Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Lifetime Unknown
Race Faerie
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide

Oona is the queen and mother of the faeries on Lorwyn. She lives in Glen Elendra and sees the world through her children and the harvested dreamstuff they bring her. She is one of the few creatures that retained her memories after the Great Aurora, and was in fact the source of all previous Auroras. Her children refer to her as Mother of All Fae or Great Mother.

History[edit | edit source]

During the events of Lorwyn's storyline, Oona learns of the Great Aurora's approach and makes Maralen Maralen of the Mornsong to ensure she remains in power when it happens. She also plots and spies on Colfenor's plan to disrupt her control of Lorwyn, but her plan backfires when Maralen refuses to work for her, leading to unresolved conflict between the two.

When Lorwyn becomes Shadowmoor, Oona remains with her memories and control intact. She tries to take the elemental power of Ashling, but is thwarted by Maralen along with Brigid Baeli and Sygg. She retreats to Cayr Ulios, taking control of the king and queen there and evacuating the elves. Oona taunts the pursuing Maralen by taking an identical form, but overplays her hand and allows Rhys, Ashling, and The Sapling into her haven at Glen Elendra. With the sacrifice of The Sapling, and the combined power of Maralen, Ashling's elemental, and the Source of the Wanderbrine, she is finally defeated. Maralen takes her place as Queen of the Fae as day returns to the plane.

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