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Birthplace Innistrad
Race Human

Sir Odric is a master tactician who lives on the plane of Innistrad. He lost a son to a werewolf.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Church commander[edit | edit source]

Odric was the commander of the Gavony Riders and a recipient of the Moonsilver Accommodation.[1] Odric is a battlefield man, better suited to combat maneuvers than negotiating the politics of the Avacynian Church.

One of his duties as a Church commander was chasing and capturing the mad scientist Ludevic's Abomination, which had been spotted near Estwald. After the events of the Avacyn restoration that involved the breaking of the Helvault and the Siege of Thraben, he ordered his lieutenant Grete to triple the escort of the transport detachment of the prisoner Gisa Cecani to Thraben.[1]

Meeting Garruk[edit | edit source]

While investigating the death of the mayor's son in Torbach, supposedly by a werewolf, he found the planeswalker Garruk, cursed and weakened. Odric, Grete, and their men captured Garruk, but while Odric was determined to kill the planeswalker, Grete begged for Garruk's life in Avacyn's name. Odric then drugged the planeswalker, tied him up, and moved him to Thraben where the Church of Avacyn would decide his fate.[1]

Lunarch Marshall[edit | edit source]

After Lunarch Mikaeus died during the siege of Thraben, and his successor was killed in the early days of Avacyn's madness, a Lunarch Council was established, made up of senior bishops of the church with a few Cathar leaders in advisory positions. As Marshall, Odric showed tremendous initiative in organizing the Lunarch Council to deal with Avacyn's madness. He earned a seat on the council as a representative of the Cathars, without an actual vote on council matters.[2][3][4]

Rebel[edit | edit source]

After the Lunarch Council was exposed to be controlled by the Skirsdag, Odric and Grete fled the Church and joined Thalia as part of the Order of Saint Traft.[4] While Thalia and Grete went to war, Odric remained behind, his spirit broken by his forced betrayal.[5]

Story appearances[edit | edit source]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Odric, Master Tactitian Jenna Helland 2012-06-27 Magic 2013 Innistrad Odric, Garruk

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