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(The Ghost Council of Orzhova)
Ghost Council of Orzhova.jpg
Plane Ravnica
Notable Members
Enezesku, Xil Xaxosz, Vuliev, and Karlov.
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The Obzedat (the Ghost Council of Orzhova) is the ruling body of the Orzhov Syndicate on Ravnica.[1]

It consists of ghosts of the former Orzhov patriarchs and (though significantly less frequently) matriarchs, who ascended to the immortal ghost level. It resides deep under the Orzhov district in the central Ravnica. It is possible that the founders of the Obzedat were the Orzhov representatives who originally signed the Guildpact, or that they were just the ones who lived during that time. Membership of the Obzedat is granted for an excellent "performance" in life, but the entrance is subject to a probation period. The membership can be also canceled under exceptional conditions.[2]

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