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Nyx Theros.jpg
The star field of Nyx
Plane Theros

Nyx is the night sky of Theros, and the home of the gods.

Description[edit | edit source]

A paranormal realm associated with dreams and the subconscious,[1] it is a literal and proverbial night sky where the gods dwell. Nyx is so closely tied to the plane's deities that, whenever they manifest, where they should be shadowed they instead display the glorious starlight of the night sky. Dreams are seen as gifts from the gods, and so are enchantments, due to their connection with this realm; whenever mortals sleep, they are said to be "visiting Nyx". Tales of the gods can be seen played out in the constellations.[2]

Besides the gods, nymphs are also formed/dwell in Nyx, as do some Archons and celestial versions of earthly creatures like elks and crabs. All dwellers of Nyx are living enchantments, formed from the collective subconscious and by the divine will of the gods. Creatures born in Nyx are referred as "Nyxborn", and their numbers have increased in recent years, as the boundaries between the night sky and the living world decreased.[3]

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