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The Numena were a group of wizards that managed to almost single-handedly overthrow the reign of the Primevals of Dominaria.

Each color of magic had a representative numen, although the numena for the colors white and green were slain by the other three wizards, who refused to share their powers in a five-way split. The numen of blue was Lowallyn, who was later reincarnated as the illusionist Ixidor. The numen of black was Kuberr, who was worshiped as a god of commerce among the Cabal and was later reincarnated as the child of the Cabal Patriarch and Phage. The numen of red was Averru, who was later reincarnated as an ancient city bearing his name.

After the numena's reincarnations, they were swiftly destroyed by Karona.