Numbered Ones

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The Numbered Ones were the most powerful wizards from the Kingdom of Khone.[1]

The Khonians gathered all promising spellcasters into the Khone Valley of Sacrifice and forced them to survive using magic. The strongest were sent to Sol'Kanar the Swamp King on the Date of Tribute. The young wizards were given Khonian numbers instead of their names – Ahn, Tal, Thu, Fah, Fif, Ska, Gyd, Jate, Nah, Tak, Eloh, Twal, Thutri, Fahtri, Fiftri, Skatri, Gydolien, Jatetri, Nahtri and Venali, and were domineered by Khonian midwives. During an exercise with a Yalomar Cat, the cat exploded due to the Numbered Ones' magic, killing all but Gydolien and the blinding the midwives. Gydolien became known as Gydolien Mor.

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