Northwest Vintage Rotisserie Draft Series

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The Northwest Vintage Rotisserie Draft Series is a tournament series created by Shotgun Lotus. The tournament series is held in the Seattle area and features a high-profile group of players playing a Rotisserie Draft with every Vintage legal card. It is held about once a month and is streamed live over the internet with play-by-play commentary during the draft as well as the play portion of the tournament. This allows for draft strategies and selections to be discussed during the draft, as well as what other cards might be interesting to that player. Every fifteen rounds of the drafting portion, there is a break in which one of the participants is interviewed.

The tournament is held in a more casual manner and participation is invite only. Players who have placed well in a previous tournament are invited back, while some players are invited due to winning a Cube draft qualifier. Each player is required to bring a bottle of alcohol worth about $30 to $50, with the first-place winner receiving five, the second place player three and the third place player one bottle of the price pool. Additionally, the last place player is incorporated into a trophy which he has to display prominently in his home for a month.

After a series of eight drafts, a final draft featuring the champions of the previous eight drafts is held.

Previous participants in the NW Vintage Rotisserie Draft Series include Randy Buehler, Travis Woo, Nate Heiss, Marshall Sutcliffe, and Cedric Phillips.