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For the theme deck, see Nightstalkers (deck).

Nightstalkers are malevolent black-mana entities that are most prolific in Dakmor, where they were magically created servants of the swamp queen Tojira. They are roughly humanoid, but have elongated limbs, spiked hair and long, sharp teeth. They ride large mechanical beasts, which they use to attack the Alaborn. Weapons were given to them by Tojira.

Nightstalkers were also found on Urborg, although they were much more spirit-like than the nightstalkers of Caliman. They were the minions of Kaervek, serving as assassins in his attempt to conquer Jamuraa. The most feared of these were the Breathstealers, who remained a threat in Suq'Ata even after Kaervek's defeat, infamously killing the Suq'Atan vizier Qhattib of Amiqat. They worshipped the mysterious Spirit of the Night.

Nightstalkers are also common in Shimia. A Shimian Night Stalker was once summoned by Palladia-Mors using a Black Mana Battery.