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Prahv, the Spires of Order. Art by Martina Pilcerova.

Prahv is the guild hall for the Azorius Senate on Ravnica. There are two locations with that name.

Old Prahv[edit | edit source]

The first Prahv was a large castle-like structure of white marble. It was destroyed in the climax of Dissension by the explosion of the crashed Boros angels' fortress-ship, the Parhelion.[1] The site of Prahv's ruins has been given over to nature and has become a wilderness preserve.[2]

Years of paralyzed bureaucracy passed while the Azorius discussed where, when, and how they should rebuild their guildhall. Only when Isperia had accepted leadership of the guild did the gears of rebuilding started to wheel.

New Prahv[edit | edit source]

New Prahv, at the other end of the same district, consists of three towering, three-sided columns that form a circular courtyard. The towers of New Prahv are the tallest structures on the ground in all of Ravnica. The three towers literalize the guild's structure: each houses the operations of one of the three Columns (Sova, Jelenn, and Lyev).[1]

The towers of New Prahv also serve as an aesthetic representation of the guild's belief. It is an austere, immaculate structure, elegant but unadorned. White marble, alabaster, and steel predominate. Broad, curving hallways lead to large chambers, each of which has an array of subchambers and offices around it. Because the halls and chambers don't have many distinguishing features, visitors to New Prahv inevitably become lost without an escort.[1]

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