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New Argive and the other Terisian Isles

New Argive is the largest and most notable of the Terisian Isles on Dominaria.[1][2] It is also the name of the nation that formed from the merger of Kjeldor and Balduvia in the dying years of the Ice Age. It is bordered by the Videnthian Sea[3] and the Shielded Sea.[4]

New Argive is now the chief nation of modern-era Terisiare. It is one of the focal points for non-magical study on Dominaria. Hanna, navigator of the Weatherlight, studied at the Argivian University.[5] New Argive was devastated during the second phase of the Phyrexian Invasion, but seems to have recovered. However, recently the island has been infiltrated by Cabal agents.[1]

Treva, the Renewer is the primeval dragon of New Argive.

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