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First seen Shards of Alara
Last seen Conflux
Status Merged with the other Shards

Naya is one of five Shards of Alara. It is primarily green-aligned, with red and white as secondary colors.

It is inhabited by gargantuan beasts, humans, elves who worship the beasts, a feline race called nacatl, and minotaurs that stalk the canyons. After the Shards realigned and Alara was reborn, some vedalken heretics from Esper migrated to Naya, while the coatl snakes were created from the influx of blue mana.

Naya is Ajani's birthplace.

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • Empire of the Clouds
  • Qasali Valley
  • Qasal — the last known stronghold of the Cloud Nacatl
  • The Valley of the Ancients — the resting place for the hydra-god Progenitus.

Conflux[edit | edit source]

When the Conflux occured, black mana from Jund and blue mana from Bant flooded into Naya. Even though the powerful gargantuans kept intruders at bay, they could not stop the black and blue mana. Naya is now flooded with all five colors and Progenitus has awoken, roving the lands for inscrutable purposes. Naya's borders continued to run into the borders of Jund and Bant until it had completely connected to the other five shards, becoming part of New Alara.

In the wake of the Conflux, the lofty jungles of Naya have become haven for the weak and wicked alike. Demonic cults have taken root among the towering roots of the trees, and the only thing keeping them in check are the Leonin prides, many who claim allegiance to Ajani, though he is merely the source of their inspiration.

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