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Mythic rare is a rarity level, one step higher than rare, that was introduced in the Alara block.[1][2][3] It is recognized by the orange-red / bronze color of the expansion symbol, which originally was meant to provide a "fiery" appearance.[4] A mythic rare card appears in place of a rare in 1 out of roughly every 8 packs. Any given mythic is exactly twice as rare as any given rare due to the smaller pool of mythic rares versus rares. They are printed on the same print sheet. In general, 15 mythic rare cards appear in large sets and 10 appear in smaller sets. The most well known mythic card type is that of the Planeswalker.[5]

In the more recent Duel Decks, the "flagship" cards appeared as mythic rares, like Jace Beleren vs. Chandra Nalaar. The Premium Deck Series: Slivers had a single mythic rare of Sliver Overlord, but not all Premium Deck Series decks have a mythic rare, as evidenced by Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning. Finally, each of the From the Vault sets is composed of 15 mythic rares, though the original printings of each card in those sets may have been a lower rarity.

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