Mwonvuli Jungle

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The gigantic Mwonvuli Jungle sprawled across the center of the north-western peninsula of Jamuraa. From the base of the Ekunda and Teremko Mountains to the Daraja and Mtenda Plains, Mwonvuli is a lush and verdant forest where it constantly rains . Although it was taken over by dark spirits during the war, Mwonvuli has since returned to its feral but rather benign state. Across the deep forest stretch many fortresses and palaces of Jolrael, the so-called Empress of Beasts. It was also the location of the Amber Prison.

The jungle is crossed by the Mwonvuli River. The end of this river, the large Mwonvuli Delta, once was the meeting place of Mangara and Kaervek. The Mwonvuli is fed by a great many rivers which extend from the Suq’Ata coast all the way down to Salamzuri and Ki’pamu.

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