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Murasa a.k.a. The Walled Continent is one of the seven continents of Zendikar. It is a vast, steep-walled plateau that rises sharply from the sea. It is smaller than the other continents of Zendikar.

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Murasa Wall, the towering cliffs surrounding the continent. Inland from these cliffs, the land drops off sharply.
  • The Cliffs of Kazuul and the Kazuul Road, the easiest access into Murasa. Controlled by Kazuul, an ogre slavemaster.
  • Sunder Bay, a huge bay full of hull-rending submerged harabaz trees. Elves of the Tajuru tribes and assisting merfolk have set up a network of flags and beacons to mark the safest route.
    • The Tumbled Palace, the capital of the Tajuru elves, based on the cliffs of Sunder Bay.
  • Glint Pass, a huge sea cave leading under the east side of Murasa's Wall. At its rear lies a cavern opening accessible when the tide is low. Vampire guides often provide safe passage to the inland.
    • The Cipher in Flames, an ever-burning and complex glyph set in the heart of the rock of the pass.
    • Visimal, the Hidden City, home to the vampires
  • Thunder Gap, a passage into the continent following the route of the rushing Vazi River as it heads out to sea. Boats can navigate the dangerous rapids for a couple miles inland through the canyon, but travelers must then disembark and take the precarious trails and rope bridges further inland.
    • Thunder Gap cuts through a section of Murasa's Wall known as the Pillar Plains. There the wall is cracked and broken into thousands of massive pillars, the tops of which are grassy plains
  • The Skyfang Mountains, high, steep-sided mountains covered in forests.
    • Shatterskull Pass, a wide trail passing through on a relatively shallow incline.
  • The Na Plateau, known for its many-armed, gargantuan statues.
    • The Singing City, a cyclopean maze of strange structures and tumbled towers named for the eerie, almost musical sounds that come from underground chambers below the ruined buildings.
    • The Raimunza Falls, a raging torrent of water that cascades off the southern side of the Na Plateau.
  • The Living Spire, a huge mountain with Hedron-shaped caverns, which draw great draughts of air like a breathing thing. The Spire is covered with titanic vines.
    • the Grindstone Crucible, a thundering mass of huge, rune-covered boulders and shards of rock compacted together and grinding rapidly. A font of wild mana,
  • Kazandu, a collapsed region. A mass of irregular canyons, twisting valleys, and high broken steppes, all dotted here and there by plateaus that tower above the landscape—surviving pillars of the previous ground level. Most of the lower areas are dominated by the strange jaddi trees, many growing nearly as tall as the plateaus.
    • The Doom Maw, a root cave that is the dominion of demons and bone-hoarding dragons.
    • The Silent Gap, another root cave, plumbed by a group of vampires that seek some secret beneath the earth.

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