Mu Yanling

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Mu Yanling
Birthplace Plane of Mountains and Seas
Lifetime Unknown
Race Human planeswalker
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Mu Yanling is a blue aligned planeswalker from the Plane of Mountains and Seas, who is presumably human. Together with Jiang Yanggu, she was introduced for the Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling.[1] They are canonical characters in the multiverse, meaning they (and their plane) could intersect with Magic Story in the future.[2]

After a violent wave devoured Mu Yanling's homeland, she was saved by a wanderer named Li Shan.[3][4] But when the two were traveling to visit the clan of Cloud Dream Lake, Li Shan suddenly collapsed. He was dead before Yanling could react. Holding Li Shan's body, poor desperate Yanling cried and lost consciousness, but when she woke up, Li Shan's body was nowhere to be found. Despite the sorrow and shock, it gave Yanling a glimmer of hope - could Li Shan be alive?

After teaming up with Jiang Yanggu, Yanling journeys across worlds, digging for the arcane secrets that might right the wrongs of her past.

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