Mtenda Plains

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Mtenda Plains
Kenlo Map.gif
A map of the Mtenda plains from the (now defunct) online Oasis game.
Plane Dominaria
Part of Femeref
Status Partially phased out
Formerly part of Zhalfir

The Mtenda Plains, also known as the Mtenda Wilds, were vast plains that stretched along the heart of Zhalfir, from Tefemburu to Ki’pamu and bordering the Mwonvuli Jungle. Zhalfir's breadbasket; the plains where their crops were grown (Mtinda - buttermilk). The plains were home to a vast variety of wildlife, including many griffins.

The southern portion of the Mtenda, which still remains today, was known as the Ntatsu Plains. These were the ancestral land of Rashida Scalebane, with the village of Kenlo.

The rest of the Mtenda have been phased out alongside the rest of northwestern Jamuraa since the planeswalker Teferi wanted to spare it from the horrors of the Phyrexian Invasion. They were removed from existence when Jeska destroyed the time rift over Zhalfir.

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