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Mors Ridge

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Mors Ridge was both a town and a location in the Domains before the Brothers' War, that was ruled by the High Council of Mors Ridge.

According to legend, the town was built atop the buried body of the Elder Dragon Palladia-Mors, who was kept asleep by a "Tickery" spell. The spell was broken when Red Donald began to dig above the sleeping Elder, and the town was destroyed. The remaining troops joined with Red Donald's army to form the Army of the Valley. Gwilliam and Jacob came from the town of Mors Ridge.

The legend of Mors Ridge[edit | edit source]

The Legend of Mors Ridge was told every year on the anniversary of the town by Arcus, a member of the High Council of Mors Ridge. According to the legend, an enchanted child wandered to an ancient cave, where she found the Elder Dragons Chromium and Palladia-Mors. Chromium was so surprised that any human could come so close to them and not be afraid that he spent hours listening to her and ignored Mors' anger. The townsfolk soon came looking for the missing child and found her in the cave. The ignorant town wizard pronounced the dragons evil and rallied the townsfolk. Palladia-Mors shrieked a battle cry and flew off to destroy the humans. Hundreds of people were killed and the town was set ablaze in the battle. During the battle, a stranger appeared and cast a spell that caused Palladia-Mors to fall to the earth; the villagers later buried her. The stranger stayed in Mors Ridge and became the first "Tickery Man".

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