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Morgan was a high-ranking druid of the Thelonite order in Havenwood on Dominaria.

Serving in the King's council, he presented himself as brash and arrogant and seemingly in conflict with fellow council-member Loren. When Loren was given a mission to scout the progress of the thallids' evolution, Morgan pleaded the king in secrecy to be allowed to follow and assist the Master Scout. The King, irked at his request, allowed this him, not knowing the deep malice Morgan harbored for Loren and his family.[1]

Morgan, using the blood of a thallid to animate a tree Loren stood perched in, ordered it to cast Loren to the ground. On the forest floor, several hostile thallids lay in wait and immediately attacked the surprised elf. Loren was left suspended in a web as the creatures held him captive, ready to kill him. By chance the planeswalker Tev Loneglade came across the trapped Elf and freed him, slaying the thallids with a fireball. Loren then continued with his mission not knowing that the attack had been planned by Morgan.

Morgan, still laying in wait, shot Loren with a poisoned arrow, finally revealing himself to the weakened scout. Having always hated Loren and his family for their participation in the creation of the thallids, Morgan revealed to him his desire for them to be branded traitors and to die at the hands of their own creations. Morgan then revealed that he would use Loren's death to rally the elves against the thallids and then the rest of all evil in Sarpadia. Morgan left Loren to die, not knowing that all he had accomplished was a fracturing of the elven kingdom into two factions (pro and anti thallid). The weakness caused by the rift between the two disputing factions would allow for the thallids to easily overrun the elves. Morgan himself likely died in the thallid attack.[2]

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