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Birthplace Llanowar, Aerona, Dominaria
Lifetime Still alive as 4560 AR
Race Maro
'Invasion, Magic Story

Molimo is the Maro-Sorcerer for Llanowar, in the Domains of Dominaria.

Molimo was already active during the Phyrexian Invasion. Reserved, refined, reticent, the soul of Llanowar despised strangers as the elves of Llanowar did. He also didn't recognize the authority of Gaea, believing that only Freyalise was the true goddess of nature, even if Multani would point to him that she was but a simple planeswalker.

However, he reluctantly helped Multani when he journeyed to Llanowar to find Eladamri and the other refugees, going as far as providing both Multani and Eladamri with the power of the forest.

Centuries later, he would be the one to provide Jhoira with a hull seed for the rebuilding of the Skyship Weatherlight.

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