Mirage War

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The Mirage War was a series of conflicts in northwest Jamuraa between 4150 and 4195 AR. They stem from Kaervek's attempts to conquer the region.

This conflict is reflected in the cards from Mirage and Visions.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

On Teferi's Isle, its namesake, the planeswalker Teferi, was conducting his time experiments. However, tampering with the time stream had left it severely damaged. In an effort to repair the damage Teferi accidentally phased out everything on the island, leaving just bare rock behind.

Mangara, Jolrael and Kaervek are drawn to Jamuraa, intrigued by the temporal energies they sensed. However the barren isle remained a mystery. The three mages agreed to settle in Jamuraa, to keep an eye on the island.

In the matter of years Mangara brought peace to the rivaling nations of Femeref, Zhalfir and Suq'Ata. A new era began, called Mangara's Harmony.

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

Envious of Mangara's success, Kaervek manipulated Jolrael. He convinced her that the mage from Corondor was a power-hungry ruler who must be stopped. Together the two mages secretly build an army, Kaervek brought his spirits and Jolrael contributed Viashino and dragons.

Kaervek also started to stir up quarrel between the nations and between Zhalfiran noble families until Zhalfir was on the brink of civil war. To further fuel the conflicts he let loose his malign spirits.

He set up a trap for Mangara, offering help to his oblivious rival. When Mangara came to the Mwonvuli Delta, he was attacked by Kaevek and Jolrael and locked up in the Amber Prison.

Open war[edit | edit source]

With Mangara incapacitated, the two remaining mages launched their attacks on the unsuspecting populace. A meeting with representatives from the three nations (most notably Hakim Loreweaver) was held to discuss the assault.

Kaervek appeared to the council and demanded capitulation. Presented with a common enemy the three nations chose to fight, side by side. A full-fledged war ensued.

In the heat of battle, no one noticed that Teferi's Isle returned. Its inhabitants were unaware of their absence and the fact that two hundred years passed. It took an attack of one of Jolrael's dragons to change that. Teferi began to devise a plan.

One year later Jolrael had began to question Kaervek's actions. Secretly she tries to free Mangara, but fails to pierce the wards that were placed on the Amber Prison. Searching for help she found Teferi and asked for aid. The planeswalker refused to directly interfere; because of his time experiments, the entire world of Dominaria was at stake. Instead he would sent visions to the defenders to guide them, while Jolrael was to set up a diversion.

Following their dreams, Asmira, Rashida Scalebane, Sidar Jabari, and Hakim met near Kipamu. Rashida and Asmira formed a rescue team while Jabari and Hakim concerned themselves with Kaervek's army.

After the attack on the Zahlfiran city Ufunguo, Jabari led the survivors to Tefemburu, knowing that the army would follow. Here, Hakim wove a tale that was new even to him about a city that escaped a siege. When he finished the story, the forces outside the walls disappeared, and the people fled, leaving a magical trap behind. When Kaervek's army reappeared the next morning, the trap triggered and destroyed both the city and the troops.

Alarmed by the defeat of his army, Kaervek set out to determine what was going on. He realized that Teferi's Isle had returned and prepared to sail to it, taking his remaining forces and Jolrael with him. He left Purraj behind to guard the Amber Prison. Teferi began to sink the ships and Jolrael turned on her former ally. The mages fought until their ship sank; Jolrael was rescued by one of Teferi's drakes, while Kaervek managed to reach the shore near Uuserk.

Guided by Teferi as well, Sisay and the Weatherlight arrived to help Rashida's team to reach their destination in time. Rashida used the Dragon Mask to defeat the guards, with just Purraj surviving. The panther warrior attacked Asmira, but she managed to free Mangara with her final words.

Immediately he teleported himself to Uuserk to confront Kaervek. With the help of the Quirion, he summoned and defeated his adversary and imprisoned him in turn using the Amber Prison.

The rest of Kaervek's troops were driven away by the armies of Jabari and Rashida.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Mangara rebuilt Femeref and Zhalfir, and the title "Holy Avenger" was bestowed on Asmira.

Purraj probably died when Mangara was released but her body was never found. Kaervek's remaining forces hid and Viashino and dragons returned to the Great Desert. Though Kaervek himself is gone the corruption he brought still remained, especially in the form of the Spirit of the Night and his breathstealers.

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