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Plane Dominaria
Part of Golthonor, Corondor
Status Destroyed

Minorad was an independent city-state in the northeast of the Dominarian continent of Corondor.


The Valley of Minorad was the northernmost civil part of the continent, situated between the Urlan Wilds and the Northern Wilds and north of Kristina's Woods. It was a refuge for survivors after the Ice Age and the breaking up of Terisiare, later becoming a center of learning.[1]

The Library of Minorad was the crown of the city of Minorad, and the center of knowledge for its Sages.


In the year 1 (according to the sages of Minorad), inspired by the teachings of Taysir of Rabiah, there was a summit of mages and planeswalkers who swore to protect the world and its inhabitants. Participants were: Ash Warlord Embereck, Liana of Minorad, Kristina of the Woods, Altair of Coloni, and Grenfell Mor of Golthonor. The Summit was disturbed by the battlemage Ravidel, who threatened to destroy the world with the Golgothian Sylex if they interfered in his plans. As the leader Kristina surrendered, Embereck immediately left. After the mages promised not to interfere with Ravidel, they were banned from Minorad, so that the city could go on undisturbed for almost 1300 years. 1276 years later, Ravidel broke his promise: he returned and destroyed the city and western Corondor in search of the moxen, which would help him to recall his master, Taysir.[2]


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