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Middle Ages was an unofficial set produced by Fred Ditzler of Marauder Graphics in the summer of 1994. The set was printed as stickers, which were meant to be applied to normal Magic: The Gathering cards in order to make them playable. Although Middle Ages is described as "a collectable sticker set of 73 stickers", there were two additional token cards not available through packs.

Ditzler, a student of Millersville University in Lancaster, PA at the time, created all the original art. The stickers were printed on "Kanzaki Primeline Permanent" adhesive sheets in a nine-by-five layout. Two different sheets were created; one common and one uncommon. A few cards were printed more than once, appearing either twice or once on both sheets. After the sheets were cut, the two token cards (Wasp and Rukh) were removed as well as an uncertain series of other stickers. These were to be artificially limited and reinserted into packs manually, producing what Ditzler called "ungodly rares". Students were hired to package the stickers into packs and boxes.

Due to copyright issues, only three weeks after the regional release (in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware) of the expansion set, a cease and desist order was placed against the sale of these stickers, due to action by Wizards of the Coast. Later, Ditzler was ordered to dispose of the remaining stickers. At the time, he was in the process of developing a second run of the stickers with corrections and additional ones.

Only 100 boxes of 30 packs each were sold. Each pack held eight stickers and included a simple label. The stickers were square and thus required trimming the corners.

Information about the set was written in a Scrye magazine issue from early 1995.

"Ungodly" rares[edit | edit source]

Certain cards were pulled out of the assembled packs, producing what Ditzler called "ungodly" rares. The exact ones are unknown, but likely to be 7-9 of these:

  • Dragon Slayer
  • Eternal Battlefield
  • Musical Chairs
  • Old Master
  • Redirection
  • Shadow Drake
  • Tiberius
  • Wall of Force
  • War Altar

On many occasions, people have referred to the "Rukh" and "Wasp of the Hive" stickers as the "ungodly" rares. These stickers, which represent the only token creatures in the game at the time, were available by redeeming five booster pack labels plus $4 US to Marauder Graphics.

Complete list[edit | edit source]

Name CC Type (P/T) Rarity
1 Adventuring Party 4 Summon Adventurers (3/3) U1
2 Altland's War Machine 8 Artifact Creature (8/8) U1
3 Anti-Paladin 2BB Summon Paladin (3/3) C1
4 Antidote of Columbrea 2W Sorcery C2
5 Aquarius UUU Enchant World C1
6 Atlantian Calvary 1UU Summon Merfolk (3/3) C1
7 Balista 6 Artifact Creature (2/3) U1
8 Border Fortress Land C2
9 Burial Ground B Enchant Land C1
10 Calm 1UUU Enchantment C1
11 Captain Sebastian 4 Summon Lord (4/4) C1
12 Castle Anthrax Legendary Land C1
13 Cauldron of Blood RR Enchantment U1
14 Church W Enchant Land C1
15 Crocodile 2G Summon Crocodile (2/1) U1
16 Crossbowmen 2W Summon Soldier (1/1) C1
17 Devilboon's Demon BR Summon Demon (1/1) U1
18 Dragon Slayer 3WW Summon Slayer (3/3) C1
19 Dwarven General 1RR Summon Lord (2/2) U1
20 Dwarven Steam Cannon 1RR Summon Dwarves (1/3) U1
21 Eclipse 3RB Sorcery C1
22 Elven Ranger GG Summon Elf (2/2) C1
23 Engineers 3 Summon Engineers (1/1) U1/C1
24 Eternal Battlefield 4WW Enchant World C1
25 Eternal Wall 7 Artifact Creature (0/10) U2
26 Fairie Princess 1GG Summon Lord (2/2) U1
27 Fighter W Summon Soldier (1/1) U2
28 Flaming Zombies of Pothos B Summon Zombie (1/1) U1
29 Flesh to Wood GG Enchant Creature U1
30 Freidrich's Festering Wound BB Enchant Creature C1
31 Gem of Mystery 6 Artifact C1
32 Gentzler's Gadget 4 Artifact Creature (2/2) C1
33 Gypsy Moths 1G Summon Moths U1/C1
34 Heat Wave 1R Instant C1
35 Hierophant 1GG Summon Lord (2/2) U1
36 Huber's Hypnotic Gaze UU Interrupt U1
37 Ionian Stones 2G Enchantment C1
38 Lava Flow R Enchant Land C1
39 Magic Shop Legendary Land U1/C2
40 Mana Tax 2U Enchantment C1
41 Manifest Destiny 2WW Enchant Land U1
42 Meandering River U Enchant Land C1
43 Musical Chairs 2UUUU Sorcery U1
44 Necromancer 1BB Summon Necromancer (2/3) U1
45 Necronomicon 4 Artifact C1
46 Old Master 6 Summon Master (2/3) C1
47 Orc Mercenaries 2 Summon Mercenaries (2/2) C1
48 Overlord 1RR Enchant Creature C1
49 Paladin of the Great Griffon 2WW Summon Paladin (3/3) U1
50 Papal Blessing 1WW Instant U1
51 Pied Piper 2B Summon Piper (2/2) U1/C1
52 Primeval Dawn 2RR Enchant World U1
53 Pyrian Spring Legendary Land U1
54 Rare Island Legendary Land U1
55 Redirection 5 Interrupt C1
56 Rosencrantz the Loud 2RG Summon Legend (2/2) C1
57 Rukh 3R Summon Rukh (4/4) U1*
58 Shadow Drake 2BBB Summon Drake (3/3) U1
59 Siege 2R Instant U1/C1
60 Skitzophrenia 1U Enchant Creature U1
61 Spotted Owl 1G Summon Owl (1/1) U1
62 Stockwell's Regulars 2 Summon Mercenaries (1/2) U1/C1
63 Stormfront 2U Enchantment U1/C1
64 Thirty Pieces of Silver 4 Artifact U1
65 Tiberius 5BUWGR Elder Dragon (8/8) U1
66 Tinker of Troublador 4 Summon Tinker (1/1) U1
67 Tutenkhamen 2BR Summon Legend (2/3) U1
68 Tutenkhamen's Mummy R Summon Mummy (2/1) U1/C1
69 Underlings 1BB Summon Demons (1/1) C3
70 Untried Antidote XB Sorcery C1
71 Wall of Force 6 Summon Wall (*/4) C1
72 War Alter 6 Artifact U1
73 Wasp of the Hive 5 Artifact Creature (1/1) U1*
74 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing BB Summon Wolf (2/2) U1
75 Wyvern 3GG Summon Wurm (4/4) U1

Locations which sold Middle Ages[edit | edit source]

This section is to establish the extent of distribution and the local prices for the set.

  • Showcase Comics - Granite Run Mall, Media, PA 19063 ($2.50 for eight stickers)
  • - Kalamazoo, Michigan