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For the Mending of the Clan Tree, see Clan Tree of Cridhe

The Mending (or Great Mending) was a process that began when Jeska sealed the last major rift in Otaria. It caused all remaining fractures to heal, first in Dominaria then spreading throughout the Multiverse in a chain reaction. The Mending allowed mana to flow freely throughout Dominaria once more, returning life and hope to the dying world.

After the Mending the Multiverse found a new balance with the Planeswalker's spark, with far reaching consequences. Planeswalkers lost their immortality and godlike powers and much of their additional magic power.

Liliana Vess was under the impression that the mending also had invalidated planar portals. She was proven wrong when Rashmi of Kaladesh created the Planar Bridge.[1]

According to Doug Beyer in a Magic story podcast[2], the Mending occurred about 60 years before Kaladesh block, around the same time as the Great Aether Boom.

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