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A mega cycle is a cycle with its member cards distributed across separate sets. When these sets are spread across multiple blocks, this is sometimes referred to as a mega-mega cycle.

List of mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Three-card mega cycles[edit | edit source]

One card per set within one block.

Cycle name Description and notes 1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set
Land Kavus Each of these Kavu is a red 2/2 creature with a mana cost of {2}{R} and an activated ability requiring to tap {T} to change a land's type into another. The first two change the land into the allies of red, while the last one changes it into the color's enemies. Slimy Kavu
Kavu Recluse
Tundra Kavu
Kaldra Each of these rare legendary Equipment are constituents required to put the legendary Kaldra creature token onto the battlefield. Each of these cards was its set's prerelease promotional card. Sword of Kaldra
Shield of Kaldra
Helm of Kaldra
(Fifth Dawn)

Four-card mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Description and notes {W}{U} {U}{B} {U}{R} {G}{U}
Gold counterspells Each of these multicolored spells has {U}{U} in its casting cost and includes a Counterspell attached to a color appropriate effect. Absorb
(Healing Salve)
(Bump in the Night)
Suffocating Blast
(Lightning Strike)
Mystic Snake
(Grizzly Bears)
Cycle name Description and notes {G}{W} {G}{U} {B}{G} {R}{G}
Mutations Each of these multicolored spells has {G} in its casting cost, destroys or disrupts resources, and creates a number of 1/1 Saproling creature tokens equal to the resource's converted mana cost. Aura Mutation
Æther Mutation
(Creatures - bounce)
Death Mutation
(Creatures - destroy)
Artifact Mutation

Guild mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Guild mega cycles are 10-card mega cycles in Ravnica and Return to Ravnica blocks, with one card per guild.

Mega-mega cycle[edit | edit source]

A mega-mega cycle is a cycle with its member cards distributed across separate sets; unlike a mega cycle, however, these sets are not all within a single block but are from multiple blocks.[1]

Vertical mega-mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Description and notes Common Uncommon Rare
Delver evolution Each of these double-faced cards depicts further descent into madness of a single unknown researcher. The type line, power, and toughness of each card's front face is identical to that of the previous card's back face. Delver of Secrets
Aberrant Researcher
(Shadows over Innistrad)
Docent of Perfection
(Eldritch Moon)

Four-card mega-mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Description and notes {W} {B} {R} {G}
Gold counterspells Each of these rare instants costs {U}{U} plus one mana of another color. The cycle was originally "completed" with Alara Reborn, but Return to Ravnica block added two others. Each of these cards is a counterspell with an added bonus or increased flexibility. Absorb (Invasion)
or Render Silent (Dragon's Maze)
Undermine (Invasion) Double Negative (Alara Reborn)
or Counterflux (Return to Ravnica)
Voidslime (Dissension)
Cycle name Description and notes {W} vs {B} {W} vs {R} {B} vs {G} {B} vs {W}
Paladins Each of these paladins is a 3/3 black or white knight creature with a converted mana cost of 2MM. The black paladins can tap for {B}{B} to destroy a creature of one specific color; the white paladins can destroy any permanent of one specific color for {W}{W} and tapping instead. All of them has been reprinted in 7th Edition, in which there is a story of a war among the paladins narrated through the flavor text of cards from the set. Northern Paladin (Alpha) Southern Paladin (Weatherlight) Eastern Paladin (Urza's Saga) Western Paladin (Urza's Saga)

List of mega-mega cycles[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Description and notes {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Atogs Each of these 1/2 Atog creatures, all but Atog itself being inspired by Atog, "ate" a resource to "grow"; each Atog has an activated ability costing a resource or commodity for an increase in its power and toughness until end of turn. Auratog
Lords Each of these rare confers other creatures of an iconic creature subtype associated with that card's color and relevant to its name +1/+1 and, more often than not, an additional ability. The original three from Limited Edition Alpha, Lord of Atlantis, Zombie Master, and Goblin King were printed with the Lord creature subtype, but this creature subtype was removed following the Grand Creature Type Update. Following a shift in focus on, and the success of, "creature subtypes matter", or "tribal", various iterations of Lords have been printed. Field Marshal
(Coldsnap), Captain of the Watch
(Magic 2010)
Lord of Atlantis
(Limited Edition), Merfolk Sovereign
(Magic 2010)
Zombie Master
(Limited Edition), Lord of the Undead
(Planeshift), Death Baron
(Shards of Alara), Cemetery Reaper
(Magic 2010)
Goblin King
(Limited Edition), Goblin Chieftain
(Magic 2010)
Elvish Champion
(Invasion), Elvish Archdruid
(Magic 2010)
Protection Angels Each of these uncommon 2/2 white Angel creatures costing {3}{W} with flying and protection from a specific color. The flavor text of each of these cards are from the "Song of All", a fictitious sacred text from the Serra religion. Voice of All, an uncommon Angel costing {2}{W}{W} with flying and protection from a color chosen as it enters the battlefield, was released in Planeshift, as an homage to the mega-mega cycle. Voice of Truth
Voice of Reason
(Urza's Destiny)
Voice of Grace
(Urza's Saga)
Voice of Law
(Urza's Saga)
Voice of Duty
(Urza's Destiny)
Tutors Each of these rares allows its controller to search his or her library for a card, albeit with certain conditions. The joke card Goblin Tutor from Unglued pays homage to this mega-mega cycle. Enlightened Tutor
Mystical Tutor
Vampiric Tutor
(Urza's Saga)
Worldly Tutor
Towers[2] Each of these rare noncreature artifacts costing {4} has an activated ability costing {8} and {T}. Tower of Calamities was introduced in Scars of Mirrodin after Design and Development realized that players associated, or might associate, the released four Towers' effects with a color each, and its amount of damage was decided by extrapolating the established pattern of an effect increasing by two (2).[3] Tower of Eons
Tower of Fortunes
Tower of Murmurs
Tower of Calamities
(Scars of Mirrodin)
Tower of Champions
Legendary lands Each of these rare legendary lands has at least two abilities, one of which is a mana ability. These lands represent notable locations from the Weatherlight Saga of the Magic storyline. Kor Haven
Teferi's Isle
Volrath's Stronghold
Keldon Necropolis
Yavimaya Hollow
(Urza's Destiny)
Elementary forces Each of these rare elemental creatures has a mana cost of 5MMM, a power/toughness of 7/7 and an ability that triggers each upkeep. Celestial Force
Tidal Force
(Commander 2013)
Baleful Force
(Commander 2013)
Magmatic Force
Verdant Force
Oaths of the Gatewatch Each of these rare legendary enchantments has an enter the battlefield effect and second effect with some kind of Planeswalker interaction. Oath of Gideon
(Oath of the Gatewatch)
Oath of Jace
(Oath of the Gatewatch)
Oath of Liliana
(Eldritch Moon)
Oath of Chandra
(Oath of the Gatewatch)
Oath of Nissa
(Oath of the Gatewatch)
"-ling" Creatures that have three colored activated abilities (two in the case of Aetherling), as well as the ability "{1}: CARDNAME gets +1/-1 or -1/+1 until end of turn." Each one has mana cost of 3MM except Brightling that costs 1{W}{W}, and Aetherling that costs 4{U}{U}. Brightling
(Urza's Saga)

(Dragon's Maze)

(Planar Chaos)
Sorcery magi Each of these rare wizards have a converted mana cost and activated ability reminiscent of a powerful and iconic sorcery from Magic's past. The cycle will be completed in future Commander sets.[4] Magus of the Balance (Commander 2018) Magus of the Mind (Commander 2017) Magus of the Will (Commander 2016) Magus of the Wheel (Commander 2015)
"Cones" Each of these sorceries have a converted mana cost of 3CC and a repeated effect that does 1, 2 and 3.[5] Gruesome Menagerie (Guilds of Ravnica) Cone of Flame (Weatherlight) Bestial Menace (Worldwake)
Cycle name Description and notes {W}{B} {U}{R} {B}{G} {R}{W} {G}{U}
Mirran Swords Each of these rare/mythic rare Equipment costing {3} has an equip cost of {2} and "Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from [color 1] and from [color 2].", where [color 1] and [color 2] are an enemy-colored pairing, and an ability with two effects, one associated with each color, that is triggered whenever the equipped creature deals combat damage to a player. The colors associated with the Swords are nominally and visually alluded to.[6] Sword of Light and Shadow
Sword of Fire and Ice
Sword of Feast and Famine
(Mirrodin Besieged)
Sword of War and Peace
(New Phyrexia)
Sword of Body and Mind
(Scars of Mirrodin)

Double mega-mega cycle[edit | edit source]

Cycle name Azorius
{X} Spells Sphinx's Revelation (Return to Ravnica) Reap Intellect (Dragon's Maze) Rakdos's Return (Return to Ravnica) Clan Defiance (Gatecrash) March of the Multitudes (Guilds of Ravnica) Immortal Servitude (Gatecrash) Epic Experiment (Return to Ravnica) Gaze of Granite (Dragon's Maze) Aurelia's Fury (Gatecrash) Biomass Mutation (Gatecrash)
  • Each of these multicolored rare or mythic rare spells from the Ravnica blocks has {X} in their cost.

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References[edit | edit source]

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