Meditation Plane

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Meditation Plane
Pools of Becoming.jpg
First seen Legends Cycle II
Last seen Magic Story Ixalan (Vraska)
Status Stable

The Meditation Plane (also known as Bolas's Meditation Realm) was a mysterious realm that could only be reached from Dominaria, and only by skilled wizards. It is a pocket plane used by high ranking officers of the Emperor of Madara as a place for solitary meditation. The plane was constantly changing shape, sometimes reflecting the thoughts of the people there, on other occasions showing parts of their future.

Tetsuo Umezawa, the Madaran emperor's champion, often confronted Ramses Overdark, the emperor's assassin, here.

It is now used as a meeting place for Nicol Bolas and his thralls after his long imprisonment in the Realm. It is represented on the plane card Pools of Becoming.[1] These Pools are said to brim with magical potential, although it takes a master to control their power and put it to beneficial use.[2]

Vraska visited the Meditation Plane, when Bolas asked her to find the Immortal Sun for him.[3]

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